Hairstyles For Thick Hair

Women with thick, coarse hair usually face a problem of managing the hair and finding a suitable hair style.  A lot of time has to be devoted daily in order to style the hair.

There are many hairstyles that one can adopt so as to make thick hair look beautiful. Always keep in mind to choose a hair style which suits your face structure.

Women having thick hair can opt for short hair styles as it will make the hair look beautiful and voluminous.  A cropped hair style with bangs is a short hairstyle which can be tried by women with thick hair.

Here, the back of the hair will be cropped  near to the neck and the front portion of the hair will be chopped into bangs. The bangs can be then simply swept across the forehead or can be styled with the help of a mousse or a gel.

If you want a short hairstyle which can be maintained easily, then you can opt for a shag style where your hair will be cut into many layers. But do not get the layers near the crown of the head, as it will tend to create a puffed up effect.

Women having thick hair of medium length can opt for a layered hair style. Pony tails are another suitable and elegant hairstyle which will suit women having thick hair with medium length. This hairstyle will help in getting the hair out of your face and at the very same time will make you look stylish.

If you have long thick hair, then you have a lot many options in which you can style your hair. For an evening out, you can consider trying an updo hairstyle by gathering all your hair together and piling it on your head. You can then stylize your hair by adding suitable hair accessories.

You can also do a partial updo by gathering sections of your hair and twisting them into a bun on the crown of your head. The rest of the hair can be left hanging down loosely. If you like curls, then you can very well style up your partial updo by adding soft curls to the hair which is let down loose.

Women with long thick hair can also opt for braiding their hair. Braids are suitable for both a casual as well as a formal occasion.