Hairstyles for Long Curly Hair

It’s a known fact that curly hair is the most abused of all kinds of hair that women have to deal with. The amount of effort that needs to be put into to taming them is not as easy as it looks.

So, sometimes, it seems that the only hairstyle that would ever look good for curly hair is to just let them long and natural without any special styling. But there are some ways you can play with your curly hair by turning them from a mass of tangled curly wires to a bunch of gorgeous locks.

Curly hair might look fuzzy when they are not taken care of, but then again, all you need to do to make them look gorgeous is just let them free. A small amount of conditioning and extra care might be required though.

A great hairstyle that is always a win for curly hair are the gorgeous loose curls. Try and get the curls loosened from a good stylist and a little bit of conditioning and hair spray and you can turn your hair into a bunch of irresistible locks that would become the highlight of your appearance.

You can also go for a simple up-do with some loose curls in the front. This might seem old-school, but they never fail!

Try to turn your curls into interesting ringlets. Of course, you need not go for the kind of ringlets that the 18th century women sported. But you can give the curls a better shape by turning them into tiny ringlets. This gives a lot neater and glam look.

Another great way to style your hair is to go for a long layered look. This works as a two-way benefit as it also the volume of your hair without reducing the actual length, along with giving a whole new look to your hair.

Apart from using rollers to loosen the curls, you can also go for soft shine wax and apply them either from the root to the tip of your hair or just the tip, depending on what kind of curl you want.