Hair Wax – Make A Style Statement With Your Bold Hairstyle

If you want to make a statement with your sleek hairstyle then use hair wax. Hair wax is a very popular hair styling product. If you want to give your hair a textured appearance or want to experiment with several different hairstyles, then hair wax is ‘the’ hair styling product to be used.

Hair wax, as the name indicates, is a hairstyling product which is wax based. A thick gooey substance, hair wax, is marketed under several different names. Some of the common names under which hair wax is sold includes, pomade, whip, putty, paste and glue. Whatever the name may be, hair wax may contain traces of, or will be completely made up of wax.

Hair wax can be used on short, medium and long hair to create a variety of styles from the spiky to the crunched up and sleek look. The best thing about using hair wax, when compared to other hair styling products, is that it gives you the flexibility to restyle your hair, even after your hair is set. You can use hair wax, to keep frizzy hair in place for your office or use it to create a super stylish slicked back look for a party.

Unlike other hair styling products, like hair mousse or hair gel, hair wax does not dry out the hair. This is one the reasons for its enduring popularity. If you want to give a stiff appearance to your hair, with a slight shine to it, then hair mousse and hair gel is the best option in hair styling products.

Hair wax is not water based, and hence there may be some difficulty in washing it off. However using a good quality clarifying shampoo should do the trick. Although hair wax can be applied on wet hair, it is best to apply this styling product on dry hair, to get the best results. After shampooing and towel drying your hair, scoop out a walnut sized amount of wax from the tin and rub them between your palms till they start becoming slightly warm.

Use your fingertips to work the wax into small sections of the hair. Create your favorite look with the wax. Remember not to apply too much wax, as it can give a greasy, heavy appearance to your hair.