Hair Styling Tips To Suit your Pocket

hair-style Are you not being able to take care of your hair due to shortage of time or is money a major hindrance? Don’t let them create a barrier, instead just try these tips out:

At first, bid farewell to the costly salons in which you pay at least half of $100 for a fancy cut and say hello to strip parlours in which you  need to pay only  $15 for a cut. When everyone is going for fancy stylish hair cuts try the simplest one. Just regularly cut the split ends of you hair. No one can see through the fact or guess whether it is Jawed Habbib or your next door neighbour Rita, that has given you the speical cut!

You can try the simpler cuts like bob or long layers. Bob cut needs minimal care. Just wash and brush and let it dry in the natural air. Layers give your hair a healthy bounce. After blow- drying the layered cut looks really nice.You can squeeze it up to give it a wavy look. Both the cuts look greater when the hair grows.

To get rid of your monotonous hair color you can dye the hair instead of using costly chemical colors. Choose shades twice lighter or darker than the normal color. If you can manage to afford some pennies you may go for striking half-head highlighting which will make interesting your monotonous color without troubling you much. Or you may use natural hair colors like henna. The coffee powder can be added to make the henna color rich.

Hope you haven’t forgotten to make ponytails. Just make it a bit interesting. Back comb the hair properly and then tie the hair up. This will solve the problem of having hair all over the face and it will also help to enhance your features.

So don’t waste hours as well as money in the costly salon styles, instead spend it otherwise on your loved ones.