Hair Styling Tips For Round And Heart Shaped Faces

long Round faces

When your face looks like a square block or a rounded ball, the last thing ever you would want is to widen its silhouettes.  Any hairstyle that can stretch your face vertically and narrow the contours is what you should be looking for. Drew Barrymore, Sandra Bullock and Natalie Merchant are some of the celebrity faces that fall under the round or square face category.

Try these: look for hairstyles which create fullness at the crown of your head to make your face look longer. Longer hair lengths, which run below the chin level, again have a similar stretching effect. However, with longer hair you need to be careful that none of your hair comes onto your forehead, although frail fringes falling around the sides of your face, that’s in front of your ears, have a softening and lengthening effect.

Things to avoid: except for the bob, all other short hair styles don’t go well with this face shape, so you must avoid all hairstyles in which the hair length remains above the chin level. Geometric hairstyles with angular cuts are also best avoided as they tend to build up on width.

Heart face shape

Although a heart face shape is quite similar to oval face shape, which is considered the most perfect, still you cannot go with almost any hairstyle, as is the case with oval faces. In heart shaped faces the narrowness seen below the cheekbones is something that needs to be balanced. Jennifer Aniston, Naomi Campbell, Sophie Dahl, Michelle Pfeiffer and Claudia Schiffer are some of the celebrities who have heart-shaped faces.

Try these: look for hair styles in which the hair becomes fuller below the ear level to add some width to your pointed chin and narrow jaw line. Also you need to maintain fuller hair at the back of your head, to strike a proper balance between your prominent cheekbones and the narrow chin. Pixie styles and bangs work well on this face shape.

Things to avoid: all hairstyles that focus attention on the upper part of the face or hairstyles that make the top look heavier must be completely avoided. Slick back style also doesn’t go well with this face shape.

Sidharth Thakur