Hair Styling Products and Their Uses

There are various types of hairstyling products and it would be advisable to know about some of the common ones, as this may help you to choose exactly what your hair needs.

Anti frizz products are used on dry, wavy or curly hair to either straighten them or make them look flat. Hair Shine and Hair Gloss are just a few other names for these anti frizz serums. They are mostly silicon based and should be used cautiously, since too much of these can make the hair look very oily. Wax also comes under this category. This is used to add texture to the hair. This is normally applied a little away from the roots of the hair and up to the ends, but never on the scalp.

Another hairstyling product is Paste, which is a lighter version of wax and the good thing about this is that it lets you style your hair in any manner you want, thus adding flexibility to hair styling. Spiking glue, as the name says helps to glue your hair together and make them stand as spikes, to help you create a punk style.

Pomades, though thick, are more natural than wax or glues. The application of this can be used for classy styling as it gives the hair a unique shine. But to clean it, you may need several washes.

Another styling product is Root lifts, which is applied to the roots of the hair using the fingers and when it dries a bit different styles can be created with ease. Gel is one of the most versatile hair styling products that can be applied to all types of hair. It is best applied with hands, for an even distribution.

Mousse or foam is the lightest of hair styling products but it can still hold all types of styles in place. However, it is better to avoid mousse that contains alcohol, because alcohol can make your hair dry.

Hair spray is another product that is used to keep the hairstyle intact and is available in different varieties to suit all types of hair. This gives flexibility to the hair and keeps the style for a long period.

Sidharth Thakur