Hair Styling For Looking Younger

Your hair has a lot to do when it comes to looking young or old. You put in a lot of effort and money to get a wrinkle free skin, but it’s not going to reward you fully unless you pay heed to your hair as well. Follow our recommendations here and you can easily cut down a few years from your appearance and look younger.

The first sign that talks about your age is your gray hair. However, with the current lifestyle, graying of hair is one phenomenon that has affected even the teens. And quite obviously, the best remedy to deal with gray hair is coloring your hair, but you need to be a little selective here because certain hair colors contain strong chemicals which can damage your hair. The best way to choose a shade of hair color which will be the best for you is to put your hands on a shade that is one shade lighter than your natural hair color.

Highlighting is another option to cover premature graying, and comes with one unique benefit. Highlighting is carried out in patches to cover only the gray hair and leave aside the normal ones, so your normal hair doesn’t have to bear chemical stress and thus stays healthy for longer. Highlighting, if done properly can make fine lines and wrinkles less apparent on your face.

To prevent further graying of your hair it’s vital to keep your hair properly nourished. Apart from taking a healthy diet, regular oil massage can be quite beneficial. Also applying egg or plain yogurt to your hair once or twice a month will add to the health of your hair.

One more hair related aspect which can work towards making you look younger is your hairstyle or your haircut. While blunts are quite popular, neatly styled steps are also an option to take away years from your face. Slight curls can also help in diverting the attention from wrinkles and aging lines.

Sidharth Thakur