Hair Styles To Match Face Shapes

When you are keen to get a new hairstyle but you aren’t sure what kind of a hairstyle would work best on you, taking your face shape into consideration can help you to make the task easier. There are different face shapes such as square, rectangular, oval, round, heart and triangular, and we will tell you here what hairstyle looks good on which face shape.

Oval face shape is generally considered the perfect shape, giving you an opportunity to experiment with absolutely any hair style. The only thing that you need to avoid is that your hair must not come onto your face. For round faces you have two options, either to use cuts like bowl-shaped to increase the roundness, or you can get a layered cut on the top of the head which gradually thins out as you go below the ear level to make your face look narrow.

For long and rectangular face shapes, you need to give them a bit of a rounded look by keeping the hair length short or medium. Look for a hairstyle that can make your hair look fuller at the sides, that’s around your cheekbones. Center parting and long hair lengths should preferably be avoided as they can make your face look vertically stretched.

Moving on to the heart shaped faces, where the chin is usually narrow, you need a hairstyle which can make the lower part of your face looks fuller and your forehead seems narrower. For heart shaped faces, short hair should be avoided, and you must go in for hair length which at least reaches your chin level.

You will fall into a triangular face category if your jaw line is wider than your forehead, and in such cases you need to strike a balance by letting your hair retain fullness at the top and gradually thinning them down as they approach the chin level. Short hair goes best on this face shape.

For square face shapes, you will either need to keep your crown fuller or use center parting to lengthen the look of your face. Slightly wavy hair looks better rather than straightening hair, as wavy hair can soften the looks a little.

Sidharth Thakur