Hair Styles for Square Face Type

If your face is as long as it is wide, then you have a square face. Here are some tips on how to choose the right hair styles for a square face:

Short and medium hairstyles with hair falling till the jaw line are the ones that are best suited for this type of face. A typical square face is characterized by a wide jaw and hairline.

The haircuts that will enhance the texture of the face and make it look more round are the favorable ones. The face can wear both long and short hairstyles. One of the recommended starts will be to use a haircut that will add to the crown.

If you opt for a short haircut, then layered bobs at the end or below the jaw line will be good. You can also have a short, spiky cut with the hair flowing upwards and spread out. This will also make the face look narrower.

In case of longer hair, a long sleek hairstyle with layers beginning at the jaw line and continuing downwards will work. These bangs in wisps can be styled and adorned in different ways.

If the hair has crown height, then it will be able to attain many sporting hairstyles. You can use a thin headband to create a volume on the top and on the sides of the face, which will give it a relatively elongated look.

It is suggested that the looks be softened with a few wispy bangs let loose. If one keeps the crown high, a ponytail will suit the square face as well. One of the most effective hairstyles for long hair will be to have a number of ponytails, the first of which is tied just under the crown.

Ensure that the hair is not pulled back too much to crease the volume buildup at the crown. This multiple braid look is easy to obtain and maintain.

Always avoid chin length hair styles, blunt cuts and long and single length styles that are straight. Also avoid any hairstyle that requires a central parting on the head that makes the face seem wider than it actually is.