Hair Styles for Medium Length Hair

Holiday season usually sees an increase in socialising and attending parties. Your hairstyle can either make you look fab or drab and can even dress up a simple outfit.

Here are a few ideas for medium length hairstyles. If you like to leave your hair open poker straight strands parted to one side can add polish to an outfit.

A sparkly pin can be added on one side for an extra cute effect. For wavy hair, go in for a tousled yet glam look by combing anti frizz lotion through your hair and then loosely curling ends of you locks around a curling iron to get a shiny and beautiful hairstyle.

A low messy bun at the nape of the neck is feminine and delicate but looks extra elegant when styled with curls. Add body to the front section of hair by styling it away from the face in medium sized curls, pull back the rest of the hair and be sure to leave a few tendrils loose to frame your face for a soft look.

This hairstyle is also good for people with strong features as it helps in softening the overall look of the face and conceals a sharp jaw line. Another hair do for  medium length hair for a soft and feminine look is a loose pony with wavy strands framing the face for a dreamy look. This is a great fall hairdo too.

A high bun can make any party outfit look glam. Make sure you use a thickening cream before pulling your hair into a bun and plenty of bobby pins to secure it in place. A high bun will help you show off your shoulders and still keep the attention around your face as well.

For those who are planning to attend dos at the most happening clubs with your friends, soft  medium length curls with a side part will look great with any dress and will get you many compliments for sure. For those who want a bit of an edgy look, can use styling gel to add a bit of volume and create a tousled look right at the top by shaping random sections into spikes and spritzing lightly with hair spray for an edgy look.

Maneesha Tiwari