Hair Spray – To Keep Hairstyle In Place

It was in 1948, that a company in Broadview Illinois manufactured the hair styling product called hair spray for the very first time. Hair lacquer or hair spray is an amazing hair product which can keep hair very stiff.

Although hair spray is not as strong as other hair styling products like hair glue, hair wax or gel, it helps to hold a hairstyle through the course of the day. If you are looking for a hair styling product which will keep your hair style in place, then opt for hair spray. One can choose hair sprays from different brands. However it is important to understand the different kinds of hair sprays so that you can purchase one which is ideally suited for your needs.

People and mostly women use hair sprays when they want to keep a particular hair do in place or want to add some volume to their hair. Let us look at some of the popular types of hair sprays. If you want a hair spray which will keep your hairdo in place for a few hours then opt for a light hold spray. A hair spray which does not leave the hair sticky or heavy but gives a better hold than the light hold spray is called a medium hold spray.

If you have unmanageable or thin limp hair, then purchase a super hold spray. For dry hair, a little shine can be incorporated with spray on shine hair spray. This hair spray has been specifically formulated for damaged hair. If you have badly conditioned or dry and frizzy hair, then use a restructurant. This product can smoothen out the hair cuticles making it easier to style the hair. A volumizing spray is one which can add volume to the hair, while simultaneously giving a good hold to the hairdo.

Today the options in hair sprays are endless. Hair sprays are available in a variety of flower and fruit scents. There are several brands of hair sprays which offer protection against the UV rays and high humidity levels. There are even hair sprays which have been specially formulated to suit ethnic hair and even specific hair types. If you enjoy coloring your hair, look for hair sprays which can brighten the hair color. Experiment with different hair sprays before settling for one which is perfect for your hair type.