Hair Rinse – For Pretty High Shine Hair

A wonderful hair care product, hair rinses are used to inject shine into dull and lackluster hair.

There are two types of hair rinses that are available to us today i.e. commercially produced hair rinses and natural hair rinses. Besides making hair shiny, hair rinses also help in removing the styling products which build-up on the hair over time.

Hair rinses also help in restoring the natural Ph balance of the hair and scalp. If you are suffering from dandruff problems or have excessively dry hair, then hair rinses are just the thing for you.

Minty Fresh Hair Rinse Recipe:

Regular usage of this hair rinse recipe can control dandruff. To prepare this rinse, boil one cup of distilled water. Add one cup of organic apple cider vinegar and a handful of mint leaves. Allow the concoction to cool and strain the liquid. After shampooing your hair, massage your scalp with this rinse and pour the remaining rinse on your hair. Finally rinse your hair and scalp with clean water and experience the difference.

Stinging Nettle Hair Rinse Recipe:

If you want to have thick and lustrous hair then the stinging nettle hair rinse recipe is just the thing for you. Procure two handfuls of stinging nettle roots. Wash the roots thoroughly and dry them. Next take two cups of pure distilled water.  Soak the roots in the water overnight. The next day bring the liquid to a boil.

Once the solution starts boiling remove it from the heat source. Allow the liquid to cool down and then strain the solution. Use the solution as a hair rinse by applying it on wet hair directly after shampooing. The results of using this rinse are extremely visible especially if you use it on a regular basis.

Rosemary and Apple Cider Hair Rinse Recipe:

This hair rinse recipe can add volume to your hair.Take one quart of pure distilled water and add a quarter cup of apple cider vinegar. Add fifteen drops of rosemary essential oil to the water and bring the water to boil.

Once the solution has started boiling, remove from heat source. Allow the liquid to cool down. Use this solution as a hair rinse and add body and volume to your hair.