Hair Restoration Techniques

hair restroation

Baldness can be due to various reasons – genetic, diseases or even fungal infections. So before you jump into the solution for it, it’s very important to know the reason behind it so you can get the right cure for it.

Baldness that is caused due to diseases etc, can be easily cured since the hair follicles have not yet lot the ability to sprout out new hair strands.

They have just gotten weaker due to the disease leading to easy hair fall. But the baldness that is genetic is a little harder to cure since you have to actually make the hair follicles to be able to generate new hair.

There are almost as many methods that work as the amount that don’t. So before you opt for any method, make sure to consult an expert physician. But we’ll let you know some of the newer methods that have been devised that work.

Hair Transplant – Micrografting transplantation is a sure way of curing baldness forever. What is done in this surgery is that a small amount of scapt tissue is scraped out from the area of head that has abundant hair growth and implanted into the area with weak hair follicles.

There are a lot of other surgical methods like scalp reduction and flap surgery but these techniques usually leave behind scars until it is covered by the new hair growth.

Spray-On Hair Replacement – This is not a permanent solution, but if you need an immediate fix for your problem, you can try this, This spray-on releases several micro hair fibers that give a fuller appearance to your thinning hair. This method can cause a lot of side effects, so think carefully before opting for this method.

Hair Weaving – This is another method you can try where the surgeon weaves a bunch of hair strands together to cover up the balded area. Apart from being expensive, this might interfere in the growth of your natural hair and requires a lot of maintenance.

Apart from surgeries, there are a lot of medicines that help in hair growth. The most popular is Rogaine, a topical solution that is applied to the scalp. The medicine is quite effective and boosts your hair follicles to grow more hair.You can also alter your diet and include more of vitamin B which is very essential for hair growth.