Hair Removal With The Laser Technique

Women spend considerable time and effort to remove unwanted hair. Though there are various ways like plucking, shaving and waxing to remove such hair, the best method is to go for laser treatment. Removal of unwanted hair by using laser treatment is more permanent as compared to the other methods.

When hair is removed using laser treatment, a laser beam is focused on that area of the skin from where the hair needs to be removed. The laser reacts with the melanin of the hair follicles at that particular area. This reaction gets rid of the hair strand by causing it to shed. It also discourages the hair follicle from giving rise to new cells that will cause hair growth. You will need four to six sessions of this laser treatment to get rid of the unwanted hair permanently.

People having fair skin tone and dark hair are the best candidate for laser hair removal treatment. So, if you think you belong to this group, find a dermatological clinic near your house. It’s preferable to go to a clinic where a professional dermatologist or a cosmetic surgeon runs the laser machine. However, you may also give those clinics a try where technicians operate the machine but a doctor supervises the procedure. Also get feedback from your family members or friends who have used laser to remove unwanted hair.

After choosing a clinic, visit the place and find how clean is the place and how helpful the staff is. Next, consult the doctor. Also find out the mode of payment that the clinic allows. If you are happy with what you see, book your first session.

You will need to wear protective gear for the eye during every session, along with the doctor and the technician involved. Sometimes, a gel is applied on the particular area of your skin to make it numb before the laser treatment begins.

At first, certain data like the skin’s condition in that specific area which will be treated and the state of hair is entered into the laser machine. Next, a brief shot of laser beam is allowed to fall on the skin to check the correctness of the data entered. If all’s fine, the treatment starts.

After each session, keep the treated spot moisturized and clean using mild products. Avoid exposure of your skin to the sun. In case of swelling, apply an ice pack or wrap the area with a soft cloth that’s soaked in ice water. If the swelling persists and blisters appear on the skin, consult the doctor who did or was supervising the treatment.

Though laser hair removal treatment can permanently remove unwanted hair, it doesn’t suit every body. So, weigh your options carefully before going for it.