Hair Relaxers – To Straighten Your Unruly Curls

Curly hair can look gorgeous but the downside of having curly hair is that it is often unmanageable as it can be very difficult to run a comb through it.

During humid weather curly hair can get to be extremely dry and frizzy. Most women who have been blessed with curly locks opt to have their hair straightened. For this hair relaxers are used.

Hair relaxers are chemical agents which help to straighten hair permanently. Women with unmanageably thick curly hair opt to use hair relaxers as it helps to straighten hair by changing its natural structure and makes it more smooth and manageable.

Hair relaxers are considered a better option to hot combs and pressing irons when it comes to straightening hair. While choosing a chemical hair relaxer you can opt for one which comes with a lye or non lye formula.

Hair relaxers are normally sold in serum, lotion or cream form. Hair relaxer creams and serums are alkaline in nature and when applied on curly hair helps to straighten it. Some hair relaxers also contain a potent chemical called ammonium thioglycolate and care should to be taken to use hair relaxers containing this chemical judiciously.

Although hair relaxing is considered a permanent treatment, relaxers have to be used at regular intervals as hair grows constantly and the new growth close to the hair roots may be coarse and curly keeping with the hair’s natural genetic makeup. Normally hair relaxers have to be applied every six to eight weeks to keep the hair soft, silky and smooth.

There are several different types of hair relaxers available in the market today, depending on the end users. For people of Asian or African origin a slightly stronger hair relaxer has to be used as compared to fair skinned individuals.

Hair can be relaxed in a salon or in the privacy of your home using hair relaxer creams or lotions. Hair relaxers are applied on the hair for a specified period of time before it is washed off with a neutralizing shampoo after which a leave in conditioner is applied.

It is advisable not to go in for this treatment if you are pregnant because of the chemicals which are present in hair relaxers.

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