Hair Loss During Teenage

hairloss_treatment Although hair loss is commonly associated with growing age, there are a lot many teenagers too experiencing the problem of hair loss. The hair loss problem in teenagers has been on the outspread, and there are millions of affected teenagers looking for ways to tackle this crisis.

There are countless ways to manage hair loss, but before you choose any of the methods you must try and reason out the basic cause of the problem. Let’s take a look at some of the factors which cause hair loss problems in teenagers.

Understanding the basics

It’s completely normal to lose about fifty to hundred hairs every day, and around the same number of new hair sprout up each day to replace the lost hair. But when the hair loss is more than normal and the new hair growth is below normal, bald patches begin to appear on the head. And in such a situation if you cannot reason out why you are loosing hair then your best move is to walk over to your physician.

The prime causes for hair loss in teenagers

Medical condition, like diabetes and abnormally functioning thyroid, and deficient eating habits are the two causes which take the lead. Also increased drug abuse and heavy smoking, amongst teenagers, are some other factors which may be held equally responsible for the hair loss problem.

Teenagers love to experiment with their hair, and are often seen trying chemical and heat treatments, and coloring their hair to add on to their style quotient. But sadly most of these styling techniques weaken the hair structure and may also damage the hair follicles.

And well, the damage may not come just because of all these styling treatments, but may be a side effect of the regular shoddy hair styling and hair care products that you may be using.

Where is the solution?

Except for hair loss owing to medical conditions, for all other hair loss causes the power to reverse the process lies completely in your hands. Get rid of your addictions, start eating healthy, avoid harsh hair styling treatments and stick to using good quality hair care products, and you will be easily able to overcome the teenage hair loss  problem.

Sidharth Thakur

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  • George

    I am a 15 year old male,with pretty long curly hair,that fall almost on my shoulders.I NEVER used any kind of hair products/straighteners/dryers.
    All natural,just out of the bathroom.I don’t suffer from any chronic diseases,i am not a smoker,and i hit the gym pretty regularly. I eat all kind of foods,in big quantities.I am 1.82m and weight 71kg,no excess fat at all.
    Now to the problem,for almost a year now,i lose around 20-30 hairs every time i bath,and when you pull my hair hard some of them come out.I have one small patch,around 2-3 cm in the center or “crown” of my head.
    Some relatives of mine say that my hair will fall and i will be bald soon because i have long hair.I will seek a pathologist soon,just wondering if anyone here has the same problem/has a solution for it.

  • teka

    i also have the same problem.when my close ones told me that i had an area on my head i was not panicked coz i was only i’m 16 and i am becoming mad. i have forcefully left long hair so as to cover those blank areas.i just can t find any solution.plz help………..

  • Adi

    I m 17 and i am too losing hair very soon i am losing in M shape nd even on then centre top my hair and there is almost a patch of that appering to that place…please help me to get any solution and i hav healthy life stytle ..morover no baground baldnes problem i am 1st losing my hair in my family