Hair Extensions: Long And Thick Hair Instantly

b Hair extensions are a great way to instantly extend the hair length and add in more volume to your hair, when you’re looking for an out of the ordinary hairstyle. You can also use hair extensions in different shades to add a highlighting effect without subjecting your natural hair to the harsh hair colors. When you want to look awfully dazzling, especially on your wedding, you can easily get fuller hair to fashion the most chic and fashionable hairstyle using these hair extensions.

It’s a fun way to instantly add volume to your hair, which is most needed to create exotic hairstyles, whether bridal or retro. Hair extensions are available both as those made of natural human hair and those which are synthetically manufactured, and both types can be easily added to your hair using glue bonding or fusion. Fish around a little to find best quality hair extensions, so that they match exactly with your hair texture and nobody can make out the difference.

Application method

Bonding is by far the most popular and the best way to apply hair extensions to your natural hair. Bonding which is also known as fusion is carried out using heated glue sticks to bond the hair extensions directly onto your hair. A small glue gun is used which heats up and melts the keratin glue sticks. Then using a fine nozzle the glue is applied to the hair extensions as well as natural hair to stick them together.

There is also the option of pinning up hair extensions into your natural hair; however the results are not very pleasing.  Also this method doesn’t give you the liberty to fashion out almost style.

Style them up

Hair extensions become almost like your natural hair and can be easily shampooed, brushed and styled the way you do it with your natural hair. The only things you need to avoid are hair colors and silicone based products as they can damage the bond. Also it is advisable to be a little gentle with them when brushing, so that the bond lasts for longer.

If you are one, who usually uses hair dryers, curling irons or hair straightener to style up your hair, then you’ll be better off with hair extensions that are made of natural human hair, because the synthetic ones can melt away.

Sidharth Thakur