Hair Coloring Secrets You Should Know

Your hair and hair style always lay a vital effect on your looks. You can change your entire look by coloring your hair or by adopting a new hair style. Out of these two, coloring your hair is probably the easiest one to have new look almost in no time.

You can color your hair using two different types of dyes, namely- permanent and semi-permanent dyes. You may have different variations for the two types also. Let’s have a look at the two types of dyes one by one:

# Permanent Dyes:

To get the better result of the permanent dyes, you are required to mix the dye with hydrogen peroxide as it opens the pores of the hair and makes it possible for the dye to reach the root of the hair. This makes the color more natural and permanent. Many types of hydrogen peroxides are available in the market. If you better quality hydrogen peroxide, you may have quicker and better quality of color.

# Semi-permanent dyes:

These colors do not last long and continue to fade away with every time you apply shampoo to your hair. In about 20 washes, the color fades away completely.

# Semi-permanent Vegetable Dye:

These colors are made with only vegetable extracts, so they are pure and least harmful for your hair. This color is even les permanent than the temporary colors as they wash out only on 8 shampoos. Always keep it mind that the color of your hair must look like the color of your skin.

Popular Hair colors:

Red: It is a very sexy color which draws attention of every onlooker. If you are fair-haired, you must be extra cautious to select the right color for your hair and usually you have to select darker shade for your hair as it enhances your personality.

Blonde: If your hobby is to make your hair blonde, then you must take the advice of an experienced hair stylist. This type of a color definitely looks good but it is not very healthy for your hair. Do not damage your hair without any reason.

Brown: This is the safest color pf hair for everyone. You can choose your shade of brown from many options available in the market.

Black: It is always easy to color any thing using a dye of your own choice. It is always easy to color the hair in its own natural color.

What should I use to use hair color?

Both permanent and semi-permanent hair colors are good but semi-permanent colors give your hair shine and bounce. Taking every aspect of coloring into consideration, you can opt permanent colors.