Hair Color Tips – Preventing the Mistakes

Coloring your hair at home demands expertize and perfect knowledge of both the product and you hair and also the right procedure to follow. Even if you happen to be an expert in hair coloring, there are some common mistakes people commit while coloring their hair.

Since the mistakes due to applying wrong procedure shows so clearly, you have to take extra caution over each step!

Strand Test – Before you begin the process of hair coloring, always, always perform a strand test. This helps you find out if the hair is compatible with the hair color you are using and also to make sure it wont cause any unnecessary reaction!

Use Gloves – although this has nothing to do with hair, it’s important to make sure you don’t end up staining your skin since it’s so hard for the stain to fade away. So take precaution and always begin the procedure only after wearing the gloves.

Cover uniformly – This mistake is sometimes unavoidable since you are the one applying on your own hair, you might not be able to reach all parts of your head or end up missing few areas of your hair. The best way to avoid this is to ask somebody else to do the job of applying for you rather than doing it yourself.

Make note of the hair condition – You should remember that you should never color your hair when it’s conditioned or dirty or tangled! These are the three conditions you should always make sure of before venturing into coloring your hair!

Select the right color – Going for a color like red or bright orange when your skin is tanned might hurt the eyes. Try to understand what hair color suits your skin shade and opt for the right one. And this is where the strand test comes into picture. Test your hair and see if the color looks good before coloring your entire hair.

Dying your eyebrow and eyelashes – Do not do this at any cost! Dying your eyebrow and eyelashes is not needed. Furthermore, if the color falls into your eyes, it will be hurtful and hard to remove and may cause a lot of complications later!Be sure to read the instructions carefully before starting to color your hair. If required, get a professional help.