Hair Color And Pregnancy: The Do’s And Don’ts

Whether or not it is safe to color your hair during pregnancy is one question that hits almost every pregnant woman who colors her hair. The commercially available hair colors have several strong chemicals which can lead to birth defects.

Although during research it has been proved that use of hair color caused damage to the animal fetus, it is unsure whether the same results would be found in case of humans. So the big question still stands in front of us whether using hair color during pregnancy is safe or not?

Here is something what the experts suggest. It is best to avoid hair color during the first trimester since the fetus is frail and more susceptible to harm. Although the chemicals found in hair colors cannot be considered as exceedingly toxic except until one consumes them, still put off your hair coloring plans to any time after the first trimester ends.

Getting a highlighting job done on your hair seems to be a better and a safer alternative, because the chemicals found in colors normally enter the human blood stream through the scalp, and highlighting is normally carried out only on the hair shafts. To make highlighting safe, ensure that the hair color does not come in contact with your skin and also that you do not directly inhale the gases released by the color.

However when you’re not at all comfort table with the idea of using commercially manufactured hair colors, putting the safety of your baby on the top of all your priorities, you can make use of a natural hair coloring option. Drop the idea of highlighting or complete full head color application, and use henna to cover those gray strands which are bothering you. Henna is a purely natural product with absolutely no chemicals and therefore no side effects. But, of course it has its own limitation that you cannot get the exact hair color that you were getting with your hair color.

Anyways, whatever way you choose, ensure minimal contact of chemicals with your skin to deliver a healthy baby.

Sidharth Thakur