Hair Care Tips- How To Avoid Hair Split Ends

Hair split ends is a problem troubling many people across the globe. Having split ends in your hair is definitely not going to do your hair any good. Split ends occur when the protective cuticle at the tip of the hair is damaged.

The tip of the hair then splits into two or more strands.This in turn causes breakage of hair and will also damage its texture. Lack of proper hair care is the main reason for the occurrence of split ends. An unhealthy diet and improper lifestyles also adds to the woes.

If you get hair split ends, then the only remedial option left in front of you will be to cut off your hair.So it is better that we take proper care of our tresses in order to avoid the formation of split ends.

Here are some tips which you can follow to take care of your hair and avoid the formation of split ends. Dry hair which lacks moisture is more prone to develop split ends.

You should shampoo your hair with a mild moisturizing shampoo.The shampoo used should not strip the hair of its natural oils. After shampooing you can apply a moisturizing leave in conditioner on your hair.

Do not brush your hair when it is wet.Brushing of wet hair causes it to stretch thus leading to split end formation.You can towel dry your wet hair and detangle it later on using a wide toothed comb.

Do not subject your hair to excessive heat and chemical treatments.Over exposure of the hair to these processes will cause it to become dry, thus leading to the formation of hair split ends.Also trim your hair once in 6 weeks so as to prevent split end formation.

Deep conditioning and hot oil treatment of the hair once a week will also help in keeping the problem of split ends at bay.

A mixture of egg yolk, olive oil and honey is an excellent natural remedy to counter the problem of split ends.Apply this mixture on your hair and then cover your head with a warm towel.Wash off after 30 minutes.This treatment conditions and strengthens the hair, thus reducing the incidence of hair split ends.

Finally, eat a healthy diet.
The food which you eat will definitely reflect on your hair. So make it a point to have a well balanced diet rich in all the essential nutrients.