Hair Care For Your Split Ends

We all crave for those beautiful tresses which will always shine and glow. Tangle free, non frizzy hair is the dream of every woman.

We invest a lot of time and money on our crowning glory, but all of us at some point or the other have faced the very common problem of split ends.

Split ends could be caused by the harsh water containing iron, or due to whether change, or when we have dry and brittle hair due to use of harsh chemicals, like coloring, blow drying, straightening or when we tie up wet hair.

Split ends could also be caused due to a shampoo which might not be suiting our hair types, or when we rub the towel in a harsh manner, or we comb our wet hair, when we do not apply any conditioner or serum.

Split ends make our hair brittle and frizzy, thus causing hair loss. However if proper care is taken, the problem of split ends could be done away with.
The right kind of comb for brushing the hair is very important. A wide tooth comb is the most preferred for wet hair and those with curly hair. A straight tooth comb is best suited for straight hair.

The right kind of shampoo could work wonders. Use the right shampoo for the right hair type. Always use a conditioner after rinse. And those going out in the sun should use a sun protective shampoo.

A deep conditioner should always be used once a month as it makes your hair healthy. If possible a once in a month visit to the hair spa could also treat the problem of split ends.

Oiling too could work wonders. Oil your hair at least once a week. It could be with olive, almond, coconut or castor oil. Either a turban therapy or a hot oil treatment could help you keep your hair healthy.

Dandruff too could be a cause for split ends so one should try fighting against it, use a anti dandruff shampoo or message lime juice on your scalp before shampoo.

Try not to use a blow dryer or a straightening iron on a regular basis. Go for an ammonia free color for your hair. Too much of chemicals could damage your hair and cause split ends.

Last but not the least. Go for regular trimming of hair at least once in months. Trimming your hair makes it healthy, fights against split ends and lets it grow.