Hair Care Against Chlorine Effects

Your hair requires immense care and there are times we forget a few things about hair care and we find that our hair is getting damaged or spoilt.

One vital reason can be an excess of chlorine that the hair comes in contact with, which leaves it dried and damaged and bleached as well.

Most of the swimming pools have chlorine in them as the cleansing agent. There are metals like copper and manganese in the water that chlorine reacts with and while swimming, these metals get caught in the hair which results in the chlorine reaction; a greenish tinge that gets imparted to the hair.

In case of outdoor pools, the presence of sunlight and chlorine bleaches the hair. If you are an avid swimmer, then you must stay aware of these facts; the maximum amount of chlorine is contracted from here.

Then of course in case chlorine is used in the storage tanks from where you derive water for your bath is also when you can have chlorine in the hair. However, the swimming pool is the only place where the maximum chlorine content is available and can affect the hair immensely. Hence here are some tips for you when you go for swimming:

Soak your hair in fresh water because a layer of fresh water will prevent the chlorine from directly contacting the hair. You can also use oil, which will form a layer in the hair and will prevent the direct contact with chlorinated water. You can substitute the oil with a little conditioner, if you do not find comfortable applying oil.

Also, swimming caps are a great help. Though they do not prevent the hair from getting soaked, yet they prevent a considerable amount of water from completely wetting your hair and hence are a good preventive measure from chlorinated water of the pool.

There are showers as well where after you swim, you can wash your hair thoroughly in fresh water. Use a clarifying shampoo to wash your hair instead of a normal one. Choose a mild shampoo if you are a regular swimmer. You will have to use it quite frequently to keep your hair healthy.