Guidelines for Choosing a Ladies Watch

A snazzy watch on a woman’s slender wrist can look very alluring. Today one can choose from a wide array of watches, to suit individual moods and needs.

Before the advent of wrist watches, pendant watches were popular among women. Pendant watches were basically time pieces, which were suspended long chains that dangled by the neck.

Even in those times, women had the liberty of choosing a style which suited their individual taste.

The primary factor to be considered while purchasing a wrist watch is the current fashion trend. Choose a watch which is of the latest design and one which has a unique character and style. Keep in mind your own personality traits before choosing a timepiece – whether you are a casual, sporty or a fashionable individual.

Choose a watch which is not only striking but one which scores high in the functionality department. The functionality of a watch depends on your lifestyle. A watch with an in- built alarm is essential for an individual who leads an active life. Women who are into water sports may need a wristwatch which is waterproof.

On the basis of their functioning, watches can broadly be classified as mechanical and quartz. There is a greater level of craftsmanship involved in creating a mechanical watch. Hence mechanical watches are normally more expensive than the battery operated quartz watches.

Watches come in different designs and materials. Depending on your personal preference you could go in for a watch whose dial is rectangular and retro looking or a timepiece with a square and masculine looking dial, or one which has an ultra feminine curved dial.

Watch dials mostly come in the classic gold style which is still very popular among women. For a more updated look, go in for the tough, stainless steel dial. Ceramic styles are scratch resistant, have a highly polished look and come in different colors.

Next decide on the watch strap. For a formal look, bracelet watch straps are ideal. Leather straps are available in a wide array of colors and materials. These straps can give an incredibly trendy appearance. The easily washable rubber straps are highly durable.

Finally choose a watch which is eye catching while still being within your budget.