Guide to Leather Alternatives

There are certain things you have to compromise with, especially if it comes from hurting another living being. And if you happen to be environment conscious and have a soft spot for animals, deciding between your favorite leather jacket or a skirt and standing for the injustice of it all would be quite hard.

But luckily, some of these things do come with an alternative which is just as good as the original one. One such thing is leather.Yes, there are various alternatives to leather available in the market and here, we are going to guide you through choosing the right one.

Pleather is one such alternative for leather that looks just like one! So, in case you can’t get your mind off that wonderful piece of leather outfit you saw in the mall but don’t want to wear something that is stripped off of an animal, this is the best alternative for you!

Pleather also comes with a lot of advantages like it’s cheaper, lighter and lasts a lot longer that the natural leather. And what’s more, it also looks just like one!

Vinyl is another popular alternative for leather. Being an obviously synthetic material, Vinyl has all the looks of the genuine leather and is another perfect leather look-alike. Vinyl is a great replacement for leather that is getting quite popular among fashion designers.

Rubber is a great alternative for leather shoes, especially shoe soles. Another alternative for leather shoe soles is cork. cork are considerably rough which makes it a good replacement for leather. Some of the clothing companies use rubber as a replacement for leather clothing too. It’s more stretchy compared to leather but looks quite like one.

Another most common alternative for a real leather is an artificial one! Artificial leathers are getting more popular lately as many are switching over to this kind. Generally, artificial leathers are made using plastic, but there are some like vegan faux leather that is typically made by plant materials, especially plant fibers.

Some of the companies that sell leather alternatives are All Vegan, Pangea, Otsu, Fabulous Furs, Downbound, L.L. Bean, Ethical Wear, Ecolution, Freerangers and many more.