Green Parenting – How To Go About It

green-parents-walking Every responsible and conscious people prefer eco-friendly activities. We tried many green things now it is the time to be eco-friendly parents. Here are some suggestions and tips for them who want to be green parents:


Don’t always use car to drop your children at their school or for a short outing with your children. Instead, enjoy walking with your children. If your baby is too small put him/her in a pushchair and start roaming. You can also give your baby a bike according to the age.

Choose car wisely:

Don’t prefer big van like cars. You can choose space saving and energy saving small family cars.

Natural feeding:

Breast feeding is the most natural feeding for your child. Mother’s mils helps to build the child’s immunity system. According to WHO [World Health Organization] up to two years of the child breast feeding is very much necessary. If you feed your child naturally you would also be able to avoid the hazards associated with the packaged feeding.

Shopping and cooking:

Bring your child to the vegetable market and ask him/her to choose the organic foods and vegetable. Returning home both you and your child do enjoy cooking those foods. Guide him to cook a healthy dish.

Switch off the TV:

Instead of learning from the TV let your child learn from the family members. Visit the garden teach your child the names and function of the natural elements.

Natural cleanliness:

Don’t stop your child from playing outside and getting dirty. But remember to use natural soap and shampoos to clean your child. Clean the child’s playing things with borax, vinegar, natural liquid soap and a bit of hot water.

Eco-friendly habits:

Teach your child not to waste water. Ask him/her turn off tap water while brushing or not to waste water while bathing. If the child learns these habits from his/her very childhood then s/he definitely will become a green citizen in the future.