Great Skin at Any Age – How to Beat the Clock

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder; unfortunately these days the beholders have great expectations. In order to look flawless at any age it is important to get a skin care routine that suits your age, skin type and the climatic conditions.

You don’t need a dermatologist or surgery to look great; a few changes in your skin care routine and change in your sleep patterns and lifestyle will help you to have flawless timeless looking skin.

The key to great looking skin is to keep it well hydrated – internally as well as externally. Internal hydration can be provided to the skin in the form of water and juice.

Drinking a few extra glasses of water or swapping your sodas and caffeine based drinks for water is a good way to increase your water consumption. Caffeine and aerated drinks cause the skin to show signs of aging and hence it is important to avoid these drinks.

A cup of coffee daily may increase your energy levels but it has negative results on your skin.

When you are considering external hydration for your skin you need to look at products that are suitable for your skin type and your age. Don’t use creams or lotions on your face because your favorite celebs are endorsing them; instead look out for creams that will work wonders for your skin.

Natural oils are the best forms of external hydration for your skin. Olive oil and almond oil are known to be excellent forms of hydration.

In addition to hydration you also need to consider different options for cleaning your skin. Once again, natural products offer the best respite. Milk can be used to clean the skin and to get rid of makeup; it can be used instead of a makeup remover.

Soap based and gel based cleansers are also great to clean your pores and give it a deep cleansing. Exfoliate your skin once a week to clean the pores and prevent them from getting clogged. When you exfoliate your skin you are able to get rid of the dead skin on your face; this makes your skin look brighter and younger.