Grab The Right Fragrance

choosing-a-perfume Here are five tips that will guide you in selecting the right perfume.

1. The most important thing to remember is to base your choice of perfume on the season of the year. For instance, oriental fragrances with their strong musky scent have a somewhat warming effect and are thus ideal for winter season. On the other hand, for the warmer spring and summer season you need something sweet and subtle like floral fragrances.

2. When you go shopping for perfume, remember that perfumes breathe and so you must always spray them on your skin and wait a minute or two before you smell it.  This way you’re giving the perfume a chance to react with your natural body odor, and if after this test you still like the perfume only then should you go ahead and pick it up. Because, at times some perfumes that may seem nice smelling at first, may not seem quite pleasant once they react with your particular body odor.

3. Another thing to remember, when shopping for perfumes is that you should never try more than four perfumes in one go, because after three or four trials you will be smelling a blend of all the perfumes and won’t be able to find out and differentiate how the new fragrance that you’re trying, actually feels.

4. Most of the good departmental stores, such as Macy’s, have neutralizers available at the perfume counter which can be used to neutralize the smell of one perfume before you try another one on your wrist. This will help in ensuring that what you’re sniffing on your wrist is not a blend of two or more different perfumes.

5. And last but not the least, forget all the promotions and forget how beautiful the bottle of perfume looks and buy a perfume only after you have tested and tried it on your skin. A good perfume or rather one that suits you doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive so don’t let your vanity persuade you to buy only the expensive perfumes.

Sidharth Thakur