Gothic Fashion: Dark Glamour

If you feel rebellious and want to try out something unique, non-conformal, something dark and different, then choosing a gothic style might just be the thing you are looking for.

One of the things to remember about Gothic fashion is that there is more than one gothic style or look, and you do not necessarily need to conform to one particular style (Gothic fashion and sub-culture is all about non-conformation).

Some of the more popular Gothic styles include the Romantic Goth, Vampire Goth, Cyber Goth look, the Gothic Lolita look, Old School, Deathrocker, etc. Gothic styles are heavily influenced by Victorian, Elizabethan and Punk styles.

Black is the color most associated with Gothic fashion, indeed being symbolic of Gothic-subculture. Nevertheless, other dark colors are also used, like shades of purple for instant. Sometimes even lighter colors are incorporated in the ensemble like white and gray for example, along with the customary black. Cyber Goths use Neon colors as well.

While Gothic outfits can be obtained from specialty stores, it can be a tad bit heavy on the wallet. However, the best thing about Gothic fashion is that you do not have to spend a great deal. Assembling your own outfits from thrift and bargain stores and modifying your old wardrobe with lace, ribbons, etc, is a better and inexpensive option.

Goths prefer tight black pants in general. Fishnet stockings are also popular among the Goths. Some Goths like to use a lot of leather, spiked bracelets, spiked collars and macabre silver jewelry.

When it comes to shoes, knee length, high heeled, black leather boots are commonly used. Dress shoes are also used. Romantic Goths prefer wearing clothes like trench coats, velvet jackets, and outfits with lots of lace and ribbons, corsets, long flowing dresses and skirts, and other items.

The Cyber Goth style is a futuristic look, featuring luminescent clothing, PVC bracelets and other PVC items, goggles, latex, LED lights, cables, brigthly colored hair extensions, etc. Cyber Goths prefer industrial boots, platform shoes, etc.

The Gothic Lolita look is very popular with the Japanese. For the Gothic Lolita look, you need a ruffled or frilly blouse, bloomers, knee length socks, petticoats, hair bands decorated with lace, ribbons, flowers, or bows, Mary-Janes or similar shoes, etc. Gothic makeup and hairstyles also form an important part of the Gothic look.

Make-up is usually heavy and dark. Eye makeup in particular is important; the Cat-eye look is often favored. Hairstyles vary from messy hairdos, frizzled hair, and crimped hair to ringlets, bangs and more. Goths usually dye their hair black but not always.