Goth Make Up Tips To Look Fabulous

Goth Make Up Tips To Look Fabulous

Goth Make Up Tips To Look Fabulous Goth culture is all about the attitude and the appearance. Makeup therefore is an important part of the gothic style. While there is no one single Goth makeup style, Goth style rests heavily on the personality of the person sporting it.

Goth makeup can range from very dark, to just beautiful and lately there has also developed what is known as ‘soft goth’, which is a softer version of original versions of Goth makeup. Goth makeup is mostly about wearing one’s identity on one’s sleeve and therefore while it is often regarded as loud or even garish, it is after all a method of self-expression. Depending upon the preferred style and the makeup opted for, Goth makeup can look extremely sophisticated as well.

Before beginning on the Goth makeup routine, it is very important to know the shape and complexion of one’s face since these two features can make a whole lot of difference. Also, one needs to figure out the kind of Gothic style that one wants to wear. From cyber Goth to punk Goth, supernatural to romantic Goth, there are various styles for Goth makeup and one can experiment with these styles before choosing one that looks best. This article will help with some of the basic steps that go into Goth makeup and provide tips to looks one’s Gothic best.

Choosing the gothic style

One of the things to do before beginning on Goth makeup is to make sure of the contour and complexion of one’s face since a lot of the makeup will depend on these two factors. It is also important to realize which part of the face one wants to draw attention to, whether it is the eyes, or the lips or the hair.

After this, one must choose the style of Gothic look that one wants to go with. There are over a hundred styles of Goth makeup. For instance, if one chooses supernatural to hardcore Goth to vampirish Goth, then the makeup will be on the darker side. However if one chooses to dress up like Romantic Goth then the makeup will be more sensual although some amount of dark makeup will be there.

Buying the right kind of makeup is the next step. A little research in this area will definitely help in figuring out what brands to buy. It is said that the best and expensive brands may be of high quality but that is not always the truth and one generally needs to do some amount of trial and error before settling on the brand one prefers best.

Tips for Goth makeup

Goth makeup is mostly about the shades of colour and the harmonization or contrast brought through them. For instance, for a supernatural look, the colours that one would require are black, charcoal, dark blue, and maybe red. Therefore one can experiment with these shades and figure out exactly how to wear them. Black eyeliner, with charcoal and dark blue eye shadow along with a shade of dark red lipstick would probably work well.

Choosing the foundation is also important. Goth makeup requires white powder or foundation or natural looking powders since one has to contrast the lightness of the face with the dark eyes and lips. Generally, powder that is two tones lighter than the skin tone will work. A soft dash of bronze will give a smooth effect. However, one needs to be careful with the white powder, too much powder looks flaky and the skin should not appear dry or painted, but should exude a pale glow.

Liquid eyeliners are good for creating a dark line around the eyes and the liner can be applied twice or thrice depending on the thickness one wants. Eye shadows that have a hint of glitter also work very well for the Goth look. Shades of Prussian blue, purple and charcoal are staple colours for Goth makeup.

If one wants to experiment with a more over-the-board and outlandish style, then one can also go for eye tattoos. Also, drawing circles or lines around the eyes with the liquid liners look great if done well.

The blush is another part that has to be decided. While the supernatural Goth look will not require the application of mush blush on the cheeks since the face needs to look paler than the eyes and the lips, the romantic Goth look can do with a slight sweep of red blush. Dusting the eyes and cheeks with a little shimmer also adds to the romantic Goth makeup.

Besides the blood red colour of lipstick that is generally worn with Goth makeup, other fantastic colours are dark plum, wine and purple. A dash of green eye shadow or eye liner over the black liner can also look fabulous. Charcoal and black mascara are essentials for the Goth look and one can apply volume enhancing as well as length enhancing mascara. Nail colour is also an important part of the Goth makeup and bright and metallic colours including neon shades are preferred. From black, to dark red, to bright pink, purple and dark green, several such colours can be tried.

While Goth makeup requires the application of a good coat of eye liner, eye shadow and lipstick, one must always take care not to overdo it. Overdone makeup gives the look of a painted face and that is not in the least bit attractive. The whole point of makeup is to look ethereal and fabulous, and not lifeless like a doll. Hence, the Goth makeup has to be applied in the right amount so as not to overdo it.

Since there are various styles of Goth, the makeup also varies accordingly. However, one has the freedom to experiment between glossy colours, or matt colours, metallic and neon shades. All that must be kept in mind is that whatever look one wants to go for, the shades and types have to match. Goth makeup is not about simply wearing whatever dark colours one can, it has a style to it and that must show.

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