Good Habits For Your Children

solid-foods-for-your-baby Everybody wants their child to grow up with good habits and manners. However, only good wishes will not help as you have to actively cultivate the manners within the child.

Actually it always depends on what your manners are and a child of well  mannered parents always grows up with good manners. Here is the list of some activities which are very necessary for growing up into a healthy adult but if not taken care early then they are not going to follow it.

Brush Up: It is one of the most important habits. Brushing twice everyday will  keep the teeth healthy and also will prevent tooth decay. Today  1/5 of the kids who are below the age of ten suffers from tooth and gum problems. So beware.

Wash hands before eating: In children you will find that they are very fond of extremes. They will not eat or when given palatable dishes they will try to eat a lot without caring about washing the hands before eating. It may cause severe health problems. So be strict on them asking them to wash the hands  otherwise they may not get anything to eat.

Nails: Always discourage your kids from chewing nails. Not only this is a bad habit but it may also cause harm to the skin around the nails but  also chipped nails.

Oil bath: Doctors have recommended that oil bath is very good for health and may be you will find that your kid is not very acceptable to it. Insist and make it a habit.

Healthy eating: Healthy eating is something which you must teach them at a young age. I have learn this from a tender age when my mother taught me to drink lots of water and vegetables along with milk. A good habit stays on forever.

Along with this always make them respect their elders. In a nuclear family where they do not get the chance to interact with them it is very important.