Gold Bangles – For a Rich Style

Ornaments are loved by all, either men or women. But again it is women who love to adorn themselves with different types of jewelleries and ornaments in various occasions.

Among various types of jewelleries bangles tops the list of favourites. In any occasion, dressing up is incomplete without wearing bangles.

Bangles are found in different varieties and are generally circular in shape, which is worn around the wrist. It is a type of bracelet which is rigid and do not have a clasp. Generally gold bangles are worn, which has its own rich style statement. A brief over view of different variety of gold bangles are given below, which will help you to select the bangle of your choice.

About Bangles:

Even though gold bangles are more in use, there are other varieties of bangles which are available in the market. You can choose wooden bangles, sterling silver bangles, stainless steel bangles, beaded bangles, glass bangles, lac bangles, plastic bangles and many more.

Types of Gold Bangles:

Although all gold bangles are worn around the wrist and are circular in shape, there are many different varieties available in the standard format. At times the shapes are made different, which gives it a special look.

If you wish you can either go for 18 karat gold bangle or 22 karat or 24 karat gold bangle, depending on your budget and choice. Mentioned below are few varieties of gold bangles from which you can select.

Antique Bangles:

Antique bangles are generally circular in shape and it is studded with semi precious and precious stones. You will find most of these bangles with screw and hinges, due to which it can be worn by everyone, irrespective of size.


If you are looking for wide bangles in gold, then you can go for kadas. These also have hinges and can be worn by all. There are various types of designs available, which includes both traditional and modern and are best suited for any occasion. If you wear a kada, then you need not wear any other bangle as it is pretty wide. Kadas which are handmade are generally available in 22 karat.

Traditional Gold Bangles:

This is the most famous traditional gold bangles which are available in a set of 2 or 4 bangles. You can wear it single or you can wear it as a set also. There are different kinds of designs from which you can choose, either sleek or wide. If you love stones, then you opt for stone studded bangles which can be worn matching with your outfit.

Some of the other varieties of gold bangles which you can try out are bangle sets, men’s gold kada, bangles with precious and semi precious stones, bangles with antique stones and a lot more.