Go Wise With Your Kitchen Appliances

You can’t really cook anything right when your kitchen is in a perfect chaos, and you can’t find the things that you need. Also, working in a cluttered kitchen seems more like  drudgery, and just the once you take the initiative to organize your kitchen and set up a proper storage system you will realize that cooking too can be pleasing and delightful.

Living in condos and small apartments you really can’t have a big and spacious kitchen, so it is advisable that you stick to using small kitchen appliances so as to avoid the place looking jammed. Think of getting portable appliances, such as a portable dishwasher or a small sized microwave. However one thing that you need not compromise on is your refrigerator, let it be big enough to store at least a week’s supply of food, especially when you are working and don’t really have the time to cook every day.

The new counter parts, of the old time hot plates called induction cookers, are quite a useful thing and it makes sense to have one in your kitchen.  The best part of using induction cookers is that you can program your cooking, setting the heat levels and timing, which prevents you from having to stand in the kitchen while the food is getting cooked. These are very light and compact in design and can be easily crammed into a drawer when not needed.

It’s quite common to see that most people go on collecting appliances which may be completely useless or rather stupid, say for instance why buy a juicer, mixture and blender, onion garlic chopper, salad slicer as separate appliances when you can have all these functions in one food processor. Even for a microwave, when you have microwaves which have the added functions of grilling and convection cooking, then why buy a simple microwave and a separate OTG.

So choose right kitchen appliances which can solve more than one purpose, and this way you will not just avoid clutter in your kitchen but will also save a lot of money. Also, you must avoid buying appliances specifically for certain dishes which you may be making very occasionally, for instance why buy an ice cream maker when you’re mostly going to get the ice-cream form outside.

Sidharth Thakur