Go Stylish With Colored Lenses

There was a time when you had no option but to look, at those blue and green eyed beauties on the screen, with awe. But with the coming of colored contact lenses you too can enjoy those sexy blue eyes. And isn’t it wonderful how you can just spin your looks to look so different using colored eye contact lenses. Well thanks to modern technology!

Although it sounds perfectly easy to turn your lackluster black eyes into seductive greens and blues, don’t simply jump for just about any of those colored contact lenses because our eyes are a very delicate organ. This implies you need to observe good care when you go buying your colored contact lenses.

In some places it is a mandatory to get a prescription from your doctor to buy even the plain (no power) colored contact lenses. Anyways whether or not it is mandatory, it is still advisable to consult your doctor. The doctor can also provide suggestions on which brand of contact lenses are better as also he can guide you about the safest method to use colored contact lenses.

When you want to pick up a pair of colored contact lenses, the most important question is what would be the color that would suit you best. Obviously you don’t want to look like a movie vamp or still worse – a ghost. Although it’s a matter of personal choice and the kind of dramatic effect that you wish to create, not all the shapes available in the market may suit you.

Get your hands on to some color which blends well with your skin complexion and your hair color. If you’re buying colored contact lenses for a specific occasion choose a color that complements your dress, your eye make-up and your facial make-up. Don’t go in for a color that outshines the rest of you making you look overly dramatic.

You will find that these colored contact lenses come with varying price tags, and this disparity in price is primarily based on the longevity of the lenses. There are those which are completely disposable that is can be used only once, while there are others which can be used for as long as six months. Your purpose, that is whether you want to wear it for a specific occasion or you want to wear it for everyday use, will help you in deciding which ones to buy.

Sidharth Thakur