Go classy with Pearls.

Pearl jewelry is something which is unique, elegant, classic and stylish. For ages, pearls have been profoundly associated with Femininity; which can be traced in the folklores and fables. You too can effectively make use of pearl jewelry to create your unique personal style statement, provided you know how exquisite pearls are and how to wear them right.

There are two types of pearls, natural pearls and cultured pearls. Natural pearls are difficult to find and definitely more expensive because they are naturally produced by oysters and mussels. On the other hand the cultured pearls are produced in controlled environment by infusing some foreign material into the oysters. When you can’t decide whether it is a natural or a cultured pearl, look at the size of the pearl since naturally occurring pearls are usually smaller than 10mm in size, while the cultured ones are usually larger.

There are different varieties of pearls such as Akoya – which are salt water pearls, Conch – produced by large sea snails, Blister – dome-shaped natural pearls and Oriental – natural salt water Pearls which come from specific areas like Persian Gulf and Red Sea.

When accessing the quality of a Pearl take into account things like brightness, color, shape and the smoothness of the surface. Often Pearls are treated to make them more white and lustrous, and these treatments can be anything from heated bleach baths to artificial dyes. When you buy your pearls from a jeweler, he will normally provide you with a certificate in which will be mentioned whether the pearls have been treated or not.

Pearls are somewhat delicate by nature, so store them in soft cloth bags and try to prevent them from coming in contact with harsh chemicals. Even the chemicals found in your cosmetics and perfumes can dull the color and shine of your pearls.

And lastly, pearls come in so many varied colors that you should not have a problem in finding pearl jewelry to match with a specific dress. However, do remember the rarer the color, the more expensive it is bound to be. Look for pearl jewelry studded in gold as it makes for a perfectly glamorous and refined style statement.