Glow With Gloss

You’ve heard of wonder drugs in medical sciences, and I call gloss as a wonder cosmetic in beauty sciences. Most women feel gloss belongs to the teenager’s make-up kit, or can once in a way be used over the lipstick. But I would say this is one versatile thing to have in your cosmetic collection, and I’ll show you how you can use it in several different ways.

Have you ever tried using gloss on your eyelids, if not try it out the next time you want your eyes to look brighter and prominent. You can use either a slight pink or an absolutely clear gloss on your eyelids, and you’ll be delighted to see them shimmer and shine.

It’s a wonderful eye make-up for all those who don’t like to use heavy makeup for their eyes. It’s also quick to apply and handy to carry in your hand bag. So, by the end of the day when your eyes look washed and drained out, just apply a bit of gloss and you will look fresh again. It can also be used as a touch-up for your eye makeup during long stretched events. You can even use the gloss on your eyelashes to make them more noticeable without creating that overbearing look that usually comes around with the use of mascara.

Now you would certainly call me crazy if I told you that the very same gloss can be used on your cheeks as well. But well when you want a glowing and radiant face, give your cheeks a touch of the gloss, especially over your cheekbones and look into the mirror, you will realize the difference. Applying gloss over the cheekbones will also make them stand out. What’s even more brilliant about using the gloss on your cheeks is that without adding any color to your cheeks it will draw out the natural features of your face.

The best part of using gloss is that the effect that it produces is light, delicate and can never make your face look over done with make-up, while subtly highlighting features that you wish to accentuate.

Sidharth Thakur