Glamorous Make Up Tips for Evening

Glamorous Make Up Tips for Evening

Glamorous Make Up Tips for Evening The urge to look good has become an essential part of every woman’s life. Irrespective of whether a woman is married or is the mother of two children or even a grand nanny, the need to remain attractive and applying make up for the cause has become pertinent.

As such more and more people are finding ways to gather information regarding the ways to apply make up for maximum benefit. One has also to thank the countless information regarding make up tips, available in the market through the internet as well as the print media for this revolution in our lives.

If one looks a few year back applying make up was a routine job with little or no heed paid to analyse the nitty-gritty’s of make up including the type of occasion or the reason behind an occasion and what kind of make up would suit the occasion best. Presently the level of consciousness among women in applying make up has grown to such an extent that make up itself has been upgraded to the level of a professional degree course.

Basic safety tips

Although make up has become an integral part of our lives, still when we are invited to a party or a special occasion the kind of make up that will make us look attractive and glamorous needs to be understood well.  A glamorous make up requires the right mix of cosmetic products that will impart the diva-like look and also make us stand apart from the crowd. It therefore is extremely important that we be careful of what we apply on our face as applying make up can not only change the way one looks but  can also determine the health of the skin on the basis of the quality of products used for make up.

Basic make up tips that must be followed for all types of make ups are

Firstly, the quality of the cosmetic products used for make up should be checked. Secondly, certain ingredients in the cosmetics might cause allergies one should first test the make up material on ones skin.

Thirdly, avoid using lipsticks or other make up accessories which have been used by others. This prevents the spread of contagious infections. Finally be aware of the facial structures and choose a make up that will highlight the features and not hide them. Moreover one must also be aware of the correct kind of make up for a particular occasion.

Basic make up tips for a glamorous look in evening

In case of applying make up in a hurry for a party, a bright red lipstick will work towards making you look glamorous. The red colour has always been associated with a bright, cheerful and glamorous appearance. A little loose powder brushed under the eyes to conceal specks of dark eye shadow powder will complete ones hastened glamorous look.

To highlight the lips one can either apply bright but light lipsticks to make them look fuller and larger while dark and muted colours will make larger lips look smaller. In order to highlight the cheek bones one can either use specialized contouring products or simply use a face powder a shad or two darker than the skin colour.

A drop of witch hazel will convert ordinary foundation in to medicated ones and will help in preventing any damage to skin texture. In case the false eye lashes are used, apply mascara on the eyes before the lashes are attached to the eye lids. This will help to stick the eye lashes to the eyes for a longer period of time.

Concealers can be applied under the eyes to make them look fresh. This tip works well in cases when one has to go to a party from office directly and needs to conceal tiredness. Before applying make up, the hair should be made up. As setting the hair with a blow drier will smudge the face make up due to heat and perspiration.

One can give an intense look to the colour of the powdered eye shadow by dipping the brush in water before applying eye make up. Before applying make up on the face, a coat of moisturiser should be applied well in advance. This has two benefits. First it makes doing make up easy and secondly it also prevents the make up from coming in direct contact with the skin pores and as such prevents infection to a great extent.

To avoid lipstick from getting on to the teeth, after putting on the lipstick purse the lips around one of your fingers and then pull the finger out. Women wearing glasses can still make their eyes look bright and large by applying eye shadows that are bright in colour and lots of mascara on the eyes. For hot days, apply a cream foundation followed by a translucent powder. Finally put on a powdered blusher. This tip helps the makeup from smudging due to perspiration.

A small dot of lip gloss applied at the centre of the lips will help in making the lip look glamorous. In order to have the best affect of applying blushers, pinch the area of the cheek where you want to apply blushers. If it looks good then go ahead and apply blushers. Applying ice over the face with a pinch of soda bi carbonate before putting on foundation also helps to avoid smudging.

For a simmering affect and more glamorous look one can also apply simmers to their face.  Simmers catch light at varied degrees and as such produce affects that can range from subtle glow to a sparkling affect. In order to make oneself look glamorous on the “D” day, it is advisable that individuals put on a short “rehearsal” and arrange the entire make up things and products for easy use. One can also opt to enrol themselves in small make up courses that would arm them with the knowledge of the right make up tips for all occasions.

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