Gladiator Style Footwear

high-buckle-ghladiators Gladiator style footwear has given a new twist to women as shoes, and this twist is both compelling and imperial. The rage for gladiator style footwear is picking up, and you have got more and more number of women examining this style, at the shoe stores.

There are women as boots, sandals and stiletto fashioned around the gladiator lines and you too can wear them for a striking statement, provided you learn how to pick the right pair. If you are tall and slender, then you are at perfect ease to pick up any style of gladiator shoes. However, women with petite frames and stocky legs should go a little prudent in making their choices.

Make your choice

Gladiator style shoes make for a unique style statement as long as you know how exactly to pair them with your outfit and your body structure. The assortment is extensive and you have got more than ten different styles, such as strapped, high heels, warrior style Knee-highs, ankle boots, flats and mid lengths.

While the chunky straps are more to the masculine side, to boost your femininity try the ultra-thin straps or maybe those with extra detailing and decoration. The general rule to wear them is that the sandals go with jeans and flared skirts, while the boots are best paired with pencil skirts and dresses.

Style in line with your height

Women with short and stocky legs, who may be a little hesitant to experiment with the gladiator style boots and sandals, should try the Knee-high boots, as they have a somewhat elongating effect on your legs, visually. You must avoid the mid length boots all together. However in case of sandals you should go in for mid length straps because they kind of dissect as your leg at the calves, where your lower legs are the thickest. The ankle style gladiator boots and sandals are the safest for all body types and can be paired with almost any outfit.

Making the right choice

Lastly, when you go shopping for the gladiator style footwear you need to be extra particular about the color that you choose. If you are going in for knee-length, then you all be better off with soft and neutral tones, on the other hand for shorter lengths pick up some shiny patent leather in vibrant colors. To create a somewhat slimming effect you can also experiment with metallic shades.

Sidharth Thakur