Gladiator Sandals are Hot this Summer

Open any magazine, switch on the television or even browse through websites and you will find a pair of gladiator sandals as the featured attraction. Though these were the sandals that the Romans wore when they were headed out for war I see no reason why anyone would complain when they put their feet into such a pair. Not only are they the hottest trend around they are also very comfortable and can be worn all day.

One of the first pairs of gladiator sandals was flats with the straps that wore a few inches above the ankle. As the trend became popular stylists and designers included heels and embellishments in these shoes that added jazz and volume to them.

These sandals are very popular in summer as they keep your feet cool and they are easy to stay in the entire day. You can wear them in the day for a casual look and at night for a more sophisticated look too. If you are keen on this trend then here are a few suggestions that will help you to pull off the look in style.

Wear the gladiator sandals with a pair of jeans. Dark denims that touch the foot with a hint of the sandals showing as you walk are very sexy. You can also wear high heel gladiator sandals with full length jeans. If you are wearing shorts then this is the perfect pair of shoes to slip into. You can show off the curves on your legs while featuring your feet at the same time.

Gladiator sandals look great with skirts too. You can wear a pair in this style to the office for a formal look or wear them with casual frilly skirts for a fun flirty look. The shoes look stylish with dress too. Whether you wear a short dress or the maxi dress this summer you can add to your style by adoring a pair of gladiator sandals that either match or contrast your outfit.

I love a pair of gladiator sandals in tan. They are the perfect accessory for your feet and you can play around with the color of your nails in this pair. As an added bonus you can wear the pair with just about any outfit in any color.