Giving Your Old Clothes A New Look

Over the years you must have collected a lot of garments and clothing that now seems useless to you and is simply occupying the storage space in your wardrobe. You might find it difficult to part with these clothes because you spent a lot of money on them and still you don’t feel like wearing them because you are fed up with those looks or they seem to have gone out of trend.

While you may look at it as complete junk, I would say it is real treasure. Let’s have a look at few options on how to change the look of these clothes with simple alterations, to make them useful and at the same time save money on buying new clothes.

If you’ve got some of those long sleeve coats with wider sleeves from your previous winter collections, how about chopping off the leaves to about elbow length or maybe a little longer because that’s the latest rage in coat fashion. You can even pullout the sleeves, all together, to have a sleeveless coat that will look brilliant on a nice thick sweater.

Still talking about the winter wear, how about adding a belt to your old jackets, cardigans or coats, you might need to add loops to hold the belt and you have something to go with the latest trend of cinch-in waist. You can also give the garment a new look by changing the buttons and replacing them with something more fashionable, like military buttons, which are the in-thing right now. Or think of adorning the old cardigan or coat with some embroidery, bead or sequin work.

As for trousers, the current trend is ankle length or maybe a little shorter, so then cutting out some of the length of your old trousers can help you to turn your old trousers into new. And as for your jeans, think of getting them dyed in a new color to enjoy a completely new pair of jeans, or try getting some plain long stitches with a thick thread along the hemlines and the pockets for a newer appeal.

Distressed jeans have a lot of youth appeal, so you could try using pumice stone, scrubbing brushes and bleach to get a marvelous distressed effect on your sober jeans, which have been lying idle for quite some time. Even for your old skirts you can think of changing their length or shape, and they will look absolutely different and new.

There are small changes that you can always make to your older dresses to give them a brand new look, and if you know how to alter garments yourself, well and good, or else just take them over to a tailor and it won’t cost you much.

Sidharth Thakur