Giving Your Child A Second Chance

parentstalking It’s truly upsetting for a mom when her adolescent child comes home drunk and staggers up the stair case to his bedroom. How long has this been happening? You hardly know that but you feel you must put an end to all that instantly.

The harm has been already caused and it is absolutely not possible to remove the deep rooted addiction that has embedded into your child’s soul. Take time to sit with him and talk and if he needs help, refer him to a psychiatrist or a rehab.

All these are parts of positive parenting and it would need a lot of time and perseverance for a parent to help a child out of a problem. Don’t be rash in such matters as you would only end up making matters worse.

You must make him feel that you are there by his side when he is in some soup. Only then his belief in you and life is not such a great problem after all. Parents face problem with truancy, delinquency, addiction, lying and many other criminal behaviors in children. I had once read about a mother who had given a second chance to her adolescent daughter’s rapist and murderer.

The criminal was himself an adolescent and in his late teens. The parents of the girl sat through every court session and they were astounded to find how very apologetic and remorseful the criminal adolescent had become. They wanted to give him a second chance in life and the boy turned over a new leaf.

Teaching them to be helpful to others is perhaps the best ways to rehabilitate them. Well, that’s what they are taught in the Rehabs too, being helpful. They learn to volunteer, helps people at shelters, helps old people at old age homes, keeping the neighborhood clean and also raising money for some organization.

By being of service to others the kids learn to feelings of love and compassion in all. By giving them a second chance they would learn to get away from violence, suicides and sex scandals.

It is best to give them a second chance. If they miss the first, they are bound to come round in the second or may be the third.