Giving The Baby A Wash

baby-bath Washing your newborn baby is one of the trickiest tasks in the world and as the baby’s skin is so very delicate you have to take special care not to harm it.

Actually after the wounds of the umbilical cord is cut and also after the healing of the circumcision your baby is ready for a bath.

However for the baby’s skin it is always better to depend on the specialized baby care products by Johnson.

The washing should be done in a large kitchen sink or in bath tub. Fill the bath tub with warm water. Make sure that the water is warm and not hot by testing it on the sensitive skin. Carefully place the baby in the tub and with the baby cloth pat and rub the body of the infant gently. Also remember to support the head and the neck.

Do not rub the baby’s skin vigorously and always use baby wash or baby soap to cleanse the baby. While bathing the baby do not use additional soap in the face. While shielding the eyes dab the baby cloth on the face dipped in the soapy bath water.

Do not forget to shampoo the hair with baby shampoo. Though the baby shampoo does not cause eye irritation but it is always better to shield the eyes. Clean it gently and then wash the shampoo off.

Now this is complete, after bathing pull out the baby from the water and pat him dry. Make it a point not to rub the baby skin vigorously. Many mothers complain about the skin rashes and irritation after bathing but the fact is that this mostly happens due to rough rubbing after bathing. Use baby towel preferably warm to dry up the baby.