Give Your Lips A Youthful Touch

lip2 As you grow older, signs of aging will start appearing everywhere on your face. Once these fine lines and wrinkles start developing, women begin using cosmetics to cover up and erase these signs of aging.

Even the delicate lips are not spared by the aging process, and as the number of candles keeps on increasing on your birthday cake your lips become thinner, feathered and chapped.

But there’s no need to worry, because we’ve got some handy tips to make your lips look younger. Here are the common age related lip problems and the makeup tricks to cover up these problems.


That’s when the skin around your lips begins to wrinkle, which often makes the lipstick to bleed into these lines.

The best way to prevent the lip color from bleeding is to use a lip liner, as the lines created with the lip liner act as a barrier which prevents the lipstick from bleeding outside the lip line. Choose a pencil lip liner, because with that there are lesser chances of goof ups. Also, using some clear wax based lip primer will help in keeping your lip color intact. Or alternatively, you can dab a little bit of face powder onto your lips after the first coat of lipstick.

Thinning of lips

As the collagen and fat levels take a nose dive, the plumpness of the lips will soon begin to disappear, giving way to thin feeble looking lips.

The safest way to make your lips look thicker without adding any youthful shine to them is to apply some tinted balm as the base coat for the lipstick. You can also make your lips look thicker by applying the lipstick a little outside your natural lip line. But for that, you must always apply some foundation to your lips, and then mark the lip line with a lip liner.

Cracking and Chapping

With age your skin is bound to lose its moisture and elasticity, which causes your lips to look dry and flaky. For a quick fix think about exfoliating your lips with a round scrubber that is specifically meant to remove dead skin flakes from the lips. Apply some lip balm to fill in the crevices and then you can proceed with your regular lip makeup.

For a more permanent cure, retinol based lip cosmetics and even oral medication may be helpful, but before you take retinol orally, do consult with your physician.

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Sidharth Thakur