Give your Hands a Professional Manicure at Home.

To make your hands look as beautiful as your face you need to give your hands some beauty treatment. The procedure that you use to beautify hands and nails is called manicure, which begins with the cleansing of hands, followed by massaging and taking care of the nails by shaping them and applying some nail paints.

Luckily manicure is a simple procedure, and doesn’t call for any expensive equipment. You just need simple inexpensive things. Firstly you will need to procure some basic things that you need to give yourself a manicure like a small bowl to soak your hands, hand lotion, cuticle pusher, nail clipper, nail polish, nail polish remover, nail file, nail buffer, finger brush, cotton pads and sponge. Also you might need bath slats to soften your hand skin.

Even the professional manicurists, at the high-end beauty saloons, use similar things to give you a manicure. These things are not very expensive and all these things can be easily collected from your nearest departmental store.

To begin with use nail polish remover to remove the traces of all old nail polish sticking to your fingernails. Follow this step with cleaning your hands, with hot water and a mild soap. Pour some warm water in the bowl and add bath salts to it and soak your hands in it to cleanse and soften the skin. Gently scrub the hands with the sponge and pat them dry with a soft hand towel.

Next you need to take care of the fingernails, begin by clipping them to get the right length and the right shape. Use the nail file to give them smooth edges, for this you must begin filing from the edges and then come to the centre of the nail.

After shaping the nails, dip your hands in warm water once again, and then use the cuticle pusher to push the cuticles back. Use the nail buffer to give shine to your nails.

Finally your nails are ready for nail paint, first use a clear nail paint to form the base and then apply up to a maximum of three layers of the desired colored nail polish. Use light and even strokes while applying nail polish.

Finally give your hands a good massage using the hand moisturizing lotion. This little effort gives you beautiful hands without having to spend a lot of money at the beauty saloon.

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