Give Your Day a Good Start

Just got up? Do not want to be lazy but do not want to get out of the bed either? Then you just need to treat yourself better in the morning and free your mind from the yoke of that laziness. Here are some ways to:

The best way to jump start the day is by doing something casual, like stretching. Take your time and stretch yourself sideways, backwards and forwards.

Warm up to stretching by stretching yourself in bed, and then do the rest out of it. The cat and the cow stretch is a good form of exercise for your spine and it can be practiced either in bed or on the mattress on the floor.

This is done by you going on all fours with your knees under the hips and your arms straight, under your shoulders. Exhale and arch your back downwards, looking up at the ceiling and then inhale to arch your back outwards. This cow and the cat stretch should be done at least five times to feel the heightened muscular sensation.

Drink water as you move around the kitchen thinking of what to prepare for breakfast. Drinking plenty of water will help in hydrating the body without spiking the sugar levels that would happen if you have any juices to start your day with.

The body, over the night would have got dehydrated and drinking water the first thing in the morning will help the metabolism pick up speed and make you feel refreshed. This also will help dissolve any concentrated juices and their acid components if you have them in the morning, therefore preventing any acidity. So morning water drinking is necessary.

Then comes the half hour that you should spend on exercising after the sleepiness as been dealt with and the metabolism has been given a head start. Do not make it easy or too hectic.

A regular cardiovascular exercise followed by a quick weight training exercise as per schedule will suffice. If you do not have weights, then free body exercises like push ups and pull ups will do. Top it all up with a nutritious breakfast and fire up your day.