Getting The Perfect Haircut

haircuts To step into the salon and come out looking great – all because of a new haircut – is something we all want. But it does not always happen that way. When the stylist is done with her snipping and shaping, it’s often disappointment-time.

There are certain basic steps you need to take to get your hair into perfect shape.

Firstly, get an accurate idea about your hair type: whether it is straight, wavy, curly, flat, bouncy, thick, lank or a combination of some of these types. If you are confused, ask the stylist for help. It is best to go for a haircut with freshly-shampooed hair; do not load your locks with oil or conditioners.

Study your face-structure. Is it round, square, oval, oblong or heart-shaped? Choose a hairstyle that plays up your good features and hides your flaws. Bangs hide broad foreheads. Chin-length layers soften a square jaw. Again, the best person to advise is the stylist.

Then, choose the right hairstyle for your hair-type and face-shape. Do not follow trends blindly. If you are selecting from a catalogue, check if the model’s face and hair type matches yours. Go for a high-maintenance style only if you have time to invest. If you are busy, get a fuss-free cut.

If you like taking risks, you can opt for a dramatic change. Otherwise, a gradual change of style is easier to adjust to.

Finally, surrender yourself to the competent hands of the stylist. Remember, a bad style is never too bad that it cannot be re-shaped:  maybe a change of style or stylist will do the trick. When you are happy with the results, take tips on how to maintain the cut at home: what products to use and how to style it into top shape.

Follow those tips and that perfect haircut will stay perfect till your next salon appointment.