Getting Over a Break Up

You just had a breakup from a romantic relationship. At this time, you are feeling confused that whether you are happy to do so or heartbroken. But you are not alone who is facing this problem.

Every person faces this problem of break up at some point of time. Many people deal with different types of emotions like anger, confusion, grief, having low self-esteem.

Whether you are married or unmarried breakup will have same kind of left-out feelings in your mind. After breakup, people advice you not to look back and move on. You should look forward where you will get someone more deserving for you. But when it actually happens to us, we feel that we are completely alone on this earth.

But you should always remember that it is not the end. We cannot forget everything in just few days or months but we can try to lessen the pain of break up. Surviving a break up is hard but not impossible. There are few things that will help you in coping with break up.

Cry your heart out- Don’t be afraid to cry. It is tough but it will help you in dealing with break up. Cry out in your bathroom or on a pillow where you are alone.

Share your feelings – Try to share your feelings. Tell what you are feeling to your loved ones who can understand you and gives you shoulder when you cry. No need to tell it to everybody. Tell them whom you think is the nearest to your heart.

Take care of yourself – Life doesn’t end at break up. Break up does not mean that you stop taking care of yourself. This is the time when you should take care of yourself. This is the time you should take rest and sleep well. You should take healthy diet and exercise regularly in order to come out of any kind negative emotion.

Pursue Hobbies– Try to do things that you enjoy. Do those things that you consider as your hobby. Keep your mind engaged in something constructive or creative and do not sit idle. Go to watch movies and concert that will engage your mind.

Think positive – When you have a break up you might think that it is your fault or blame yourself in a wrong way. This kind of attitude will further make your more depressed. Instead of this, remember the good qualities that you have. The good things that you have done for people. This will really help you in getting over a break up

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