Getting kids into the habit of reading

Getting your kid into the habit of reading is one tough job. But the sooner you get him in to the habit of reading the better it is for him, since reading is the best way to improve you child’s verbal abilities and his knowledge.

The main problem with getting your kid into the habit of reading is that the child has a lot of distractions which interest him more than spending time in front of something in black and white. Given a choice most kids would prefer anything, like watching TV, playing or doing craft work than sitting and reading. Most kids below ten years just don’t want to read, all they wan to is to have fun. So you must understand that if you have to get your kid into the habit of reading then you need to make the whole experience fun filled. It is mostly a one time effort and soon the habit will become permanent, and the child will fall into a life-long love for reading.

How to make reading interesting

Kids love to play games and if you can make the reading exercise to feel more like a game, the child will be fully interested to participate in it. Start off with fairy tales, and as your child reads out, pantomime things that he is reading. For the next chapter you can do the reading and the kid can do the actions. This way he will wait for his turn to read to see you doing all the funny things. The more funny you act the more he is going to love doing the activity. And every time he reads well, don’t forget to give him a reward.

The kid may get stuck on several words, and if you don’t make the child comfortable with those words, he is not very likely to show interest in reading. Help the child to understand and pronounce new words. And maybe you can play some word games later, to help him memorize those words. As the child gets familiar with more and more words he will begin showing more

interest in reading.

Towards the initial part, it’s a bit tough to get your kid into the habit of reading, but the more fun filled and interesting you make it, the sooner will your kid fall in love with reading books.

Sidharth Thakur