Getting Into A Relationship With An Older Man

older-man-younger-woman Age has never been a barrier when it comes to love relationships, however if you’re getting into a relationship with much older man here are some facts that you must understand so that your relationship glides smoothly, till whatever time you’re together.

You can’t change Him

When you get involved with an older man, you must never expect him to make changes to his lifestyle so as to suit your tastes and your likings. Expecting him to behave and act differently, than what he has been doing for nearly 40 years of his life, is simply ridiculous. Most habits must have become an integral part of his character and it may be difficult or rather impossible to change these habits.

There is an old proverb that you can’t teach old dog new tricks, and that is so very true. So instead of making some vain attempts to change his lifestyle and him, you will have to accept him the way he is and most likely you may have to make changes in yourself so that you can fit into his life.

His needs are different

When you’re young you want more intimacy and more sex, but as you catch up on years your interests and needs change. An older man cannot be as passionate or as sexually functional as a younger man, so you really can’t expect to have a romp in the sheets with him, too frequently. His body is aging and he may experience medical problems, pains and aches and so he may not be as adventurous as you may be.

You may even want to have children from this relationship, but at 40 plus your man may not be willing for children. You have to understand that there is not just an age difference between the two of you but also a difference in the level of energy and the kind of needs that the two of you may have.

Love him for what he is and not for what he was

In quite a few cases where a younger woman falls in love with an older man, she may be impressed listening to his youthful stories or looking at his youthful photographs. But you must keep in mind, that it was all a thing of the past and that it is never going to come around, again.

You have to accept the fact that he is an old man now, and you have to love this old man and not what he was in the past. If he looks irrepressibly seductive in that old photograph, it doesn’t mean that he can still be hot in bed.

  • Eni

    The article was really good but …it terrified me somehow ..I’m just 18 and I think I’m falling for sb who is 34 years old …it sounds strange but I really don’t feel the difference when I’m close to him . the only thing that I’m afraid of ,is that I might fall in love with him while he won’t . It’s really easy for a teenage girl to have a crush on sb while he is enough mature not to make these kind of mistakes and not to fall head over heels in love ….
    pls give any idea …what should I do, how to make him fall for …and if this happens ,how to find it out ? I’m really confused cause I don’t know why he is wasting time with me as we don’t have much opportunities to meet and we have to make a lot of small sacrifices to spend just a few min together …

  • Hannah

    I’m 18 years old and in love with a 42 year old man. He is the most caring, sensitive, honest, and truely nice person I’ve ever met. I can’t be sure if he will ever return these feelings of love. So I need to know if I should hold out and wait for him to realize I’m the one or move on to new waters.