Getting a Tan – Natural vs. Artificial

Most people want to have a good tan, and there are many ways to get a tan. The most common one is directly from the sun but tanning products are becoming very popular as well.

If you go for a sunbath, you should know that there are some risks when you expose yourself to UV radiation. Sunbathing can cause sunburn especially if you have light or pale skin. Also, sunlight dries your skin and reduces the amount of collagen, thereby causing wrinkles.

In this way you can’t obtain an even tan and freckles are very likely to appear. But the good thing about sunbaths is that it helps your body to produce vitamin D which is very important in calcium absorption.

If you want to get a tan but want to avoid burned skin and tan lines, you should consider using tanning products. There are many different products that can help you get an even tan in no time. You can choose from tanning lotions, powders, and airbrush technique. The length of time that the tan lasts is what makes one tanning product different from another. Some last longer and can go up to two weeks while others come off after the first wash.

Although the tan from these products doesn’t last as long as a natural tan, they have some advantages. First of all, you avoid exposing yourself to UV rays that are dangerous for the skin. Second, you obtain an even tan but this requires a little bit of exercise. Don’t worry about anyone noticing the difference between natural tan and tan from tanning products because these products have the same result as a sunbath.

Having this information should help you decide which option is best for you but you should also consider your skin tone. If you have light skin, you are more likely to get sunburn so you should consider tanning products. Darker skin is not that predisposed to sunburn and a natural tan might suit you better. Also, if you choose tanning products, you should search for the one that is best for you because these products also come in a variety of colors. You just have to find the one that looks as natural as possible.